Want Sidebar but not header

On my page, when I uncheck “show header” and leave “show Sidebar” checked I get this (see below). Basically I want the sidebar but not the header.

Unfortunately that is not possible with the Salesforce standard header and sidebar. You can only have the sidebar if you have the header.

ok, and Powerdialer from InsideSales has to be in the SF sidebar? It can’t be recreated within a SKUID page?

I don’t believe that the Power Dialer area can be recreated — they only provide a Home Page Component, which can only be added to the actual Salesforce Sidebar. You might want to reach out to InsideSales about trying to show the dialer component somewhere else.

what about Velocify Pulse? For us its currently displayed on the side bar, but with popup it becomes grayed out and inaccessible.  Do you think i can have that as a page include on the pop up? any insight would be much appreciated! thank you!

Dilia, you might want to consider a Queue + Page Include layout (http://help.skuid.com/m/components/l/127596-queue) rather than a popup-based layout if you want to show Velocify Pulse or other Sidebar components and have them always be visible. 

For others wanting the Sidebar but not the header, a non-ideal approach that somewhat works is to get rid of the header via CSS. Add the following inline CSS to your page (in Salesforce Classic, not Lightning Experience) to get rid of the header:

.bPageHeader, .bPageFooter {
display: none;

body.sfdcBody {
background: none;

.bodyDiv {
box-shadow: none;
border-top: 0px solid;

Which might look something like this: