visualizations splitting by values in multi pick list

Is it possible to have a pie chart split the pie slices according to individual options in a multi picklist? I have the pie chart set up, but each pie piece illustrates the concatenated value of the multi picklist values. Example: Pie piece 1 displays the label, “Option A, Option B, Option C”. I would like each pie piece to just display a single Picklist option. Thanks


Unfortunately, Skuid doesn’t support that at the moment. It’s something that we could consider for a future release, but at least for now, those values will be concatenated.

Ok, does Skuid have a function in merge syntax to pull out multi picklist values. For example, if I wanted a merge field to be populated with the first picklist value.


I don’t think that’s possible with merge syntax on a single model.

Technically, you could create individual models for each of your multipicklist values, with an Includes condition on the value.

Interesting solution. Thanks for the help!