Visualizations: Category Axis Order

Is it possible to arrange the category axis of a column chart so that the values are sorted alphabetically? I am using a text field for category axis and the order is completely random. Would love to have them display/sort alphabetically. Thanks!

Apply a default order in your model.  (Advanced tab of the model properties).  This will affect the order of the categories in the chart. 

Awesome, thanks for the help!

Thanks for this – I am running into the same issue. For whatever reason, though, I’m not seeing the option to apply a default tab in the advanced tab of the model properties. Am I looking in the wrong place or overlooking something?

Ha.  We’ve changed the layout of the Model properties in the last year.  Now default order is on the basic tab.  Look for “Fields to order records by” …

Hi Everyone,

In the “field to order records by”, is it possible to choose a field (i.e StageName), and then choose a specific order for those values?

Use Case: I have a column chart on opportunities with the category axis as StageName, but I need to apply a specific order to them (not alphabetically by their StageName). Is this possible? 

Thank you!

Hi Rob,

I have a chart that has a defined “Fields to order records by” value. The Category Axis shows months of the year. The X axis typically shows each month in the correct order, but if a record does not exist for a given month the months are shown in a random order.

For example:

Here is a view of what happens when a record exist for each month.

Here is a view of what happens when a record DOES NOT exist for a given month.

Any thoughts?