Visualforce Site Templates and Skuid

Can I combine Skuid pages with Visualforce site templates features so I can provide custom branding around my skuid page? Or should I just embed the Skuid page in an iframe in a normal page? (

You can actually use Skuid with Sites without iFrames at all — just use the

<skuid:page page="MySkuidPage"/>

Visualforce Component to include one of your Skuid pages in a Visualforce Page you’ve used on a site, and then surround it in your branding. You can include multiple Skuid pages on a site this way. To get this to work, you’ll just need to give a Skuid license to the Site’s Guest User, as well as the Skuid Page Viewer PermissionSet. Then you’ll need to ensure that the Skuid Page object is either Public Read Only (default), or share that Page record with your Site Guest User.

Thank you!