Visualforce Page within template, links not responsive

Hi! I have 3 tabs in a tab set that have one template component in each tab (LeanData, Marketo, and LinkedIn). Everything is pulling correctly, however when our reps click the links in some of those pages, they are not redirected to the correct URL that they normally would if they were in a normal Salesforce page. The links within those pages do not work for the LeanData and Marketo tabs, but do work for LinkedIn.

Here is the template for the tabs:

LeanData: <iframe src="/apex/LeanData__AccountLayout?Id={{{AccountId}}}&isdtp=vw"width=“100%” height=“600px” frameborder=“0”/>


Is there a way for these links to operate the same way they would in Salesforce? Thanks!

I’m not sure if this is due to copy/paste, but I see separate problems with each of your Templates. Can you try recopying the template values below and trying it again?