Visualforce page Tab for skuid page stopped working

Pat.  I’d start checking to see if you can associate this tab with any visualforce page at all (not a skuid page).   If this makes it show up I’ll be terrifically surpized.  But its worth a shot.  

I’d also look in the profile setup to see if the profile has that tab hidden.  That is under the “object settigns” link of the profile edit screen.  (I know a VF tab is not an object,  but bear with me)

How’s life now that hockey is over? 

Can’t change which VF page to use once it’s set.

It was the Tab Hidden thing though. I was unaware that a Tab that is not tied to any Controller in the VF page would even show up in the object settings of a profile.

Thanks Rob

Yep, that’s just a little big confusing… I’ll agree…