Visualforce page inside a skuid page reloads everytime i make a change on any field in field editor.

I have couple visualforce pages inside a skuid page in an Iframe using template tag. When ever i make a change to any field on the page, 2 visualforce pages reloads completely.

How can i prevent the pages from reloading.

Hi Praveen. Is your template component attached to a model? If so, the template will be updated (and probably re-rendered) any time the attached model is updated (like when it’s saved). If that’s what’s happening, you can try to set up the template component so it is not attached to any models. If you do that though, any merge variables you’re using in the template like {{Id}} or {{Name}} will have to be replaced with global versions like {{$}}. 

Thank you. But am running into another issue, now i want to refresh the visualforce page based on some some other updates.

You might be able to un-render and re-render the template that’s holding this Visualforce page (using the toggle component action). That may force the iframe to refresh its URL. However, embedding a Visualforce page inside a Skuid page using an iframe takes a lot of the page’s behavior beyond Skuid’s control, and that leaves us with limited options. 

That worked. Thank you.