Visualforce page button into Skuid equivilant

We have a number of buttons in classic that when pressed check an external database to confirm a change.

For instance the button below checks an external database to confirm if the account status can be changed to inactive. If it can’t be changed to inactive, the button will display a message along the lines of “The status of this account can’t be changed because it’s linked to the following configuration items; config 1, config 2”

What would be the best way to include this functionality in a Skuid page without it looking messy, and how should I go about tackling the problem?

At the bottom is the visualforce page the button calls.

I resolved the issue by creating a template field showing the status followed by a popup template containing an iframe extract, seems to work just fine!


If you can connect to your external database through a Skuid data source, you can setup a model on your page to query the data source.  Then use conditional rendering on the button to ‘enable’ the button if the account status can be changed.  You could also update the message on the button to indicate why this can/can’t be done.