View Photo-View Table Image as a Popup

what needs to be entered in the ‘One-click URL’ field of the table view properties in order to view the image as a popup, rather than a new web page?  Or is this not doable?

Currently that is not doable in the image view on the table.  The intention there is to redirect to a separate page - maybe a record detail.  Sorry. 

Thanks for the quick response Rob!

Scott, this is a great idea — we are considering allowing you to run an arbitrary sequence of Actions using the Action Framework when a Photo View image is clicked.

Hey, that’s terrific!  Let me know if you come up with something!  Thanks!

Is there any new news on this?


Sorry, this is still an idea. We have logged it as an improvement for our devs to consider for a future release and will update this post when a release is available that has this functionality.


Thanks for the update Karen!