View All Functionality for Tasks

Can you create a “View All” functionality for tasks where you can view all tasks consecutively in one view without having to click into each one separately? This would mimic the set up in Salesforce.

If you create a model on tasks that returns multiple rows (all tasks for example) and then you put a field editor on the page the field editor will repeat automatically for each record. So then you would have details for each task all on one page that you could scroll through. You can get fancier with the layouts using the deck component. Not sure if that was what you were going for…

Hi Raymond! That’s exactly what I’m looking for, thank you. Can you specify what you do to have a model return multiple rows? I just created a model on tasks but am missing that next step. 

Thank you!!

That’s the easy part! If you have say… 20 contact records and you make a model on contacts and set it to load records on page load, it will load all 20 contact rows. The only reason it would return fewer rows is if you use a model condition to restrict the number of rows.

Hopefully that gets you on the right path!

That did help!! Thank you Raymond!

Hey Raymond - quick follow up question on this. 

Is there any way to control how many columns show up when using a deck component? Right now, it’s showing as many that will fit on the page. We’re just looking for the tasks to show up in one column.

Alternatively, is there a way to add a “load more” functionality on a panel,field editor, etc component? 


You can put a deck component in a responsive grid or a wrapper. Decks have a minimum width setting. Set min width to say… 500 and then set the width of the responsive grid or wrapper it is in to 500. Then you will get one column. I believe decks have load more functionality built in.