VF skuid page works, but VF tab shows error - You've been inked!

I have a visualforce page that redirects to a skuid view of tasks. This works just fine. However when I try to assign that page to a visualforce tab, this error shows instead:

You’ve been INKED! (Something went wrong)
Skuid was unable to redirect the user to standard Salesforce Page Layouts, and no Skuid Page could be used instead.

Here is the visualforce page config:

Successful use of the visualforce page redirecting to skuid:

Configuration of visualforce tab:

Error when viewing visualforce tab:

This error occurs whether logged in as system administrator or other profile, sandbox or production, skuid v 7.27 or v 8.19.5.

Using Chrome.

Note: This was originally reported under another thread, that was marked as answered. Started a new topic to increase visibility.

Still looking for some help on this…

I have a Skuid page basically creating a Task tab, just like you are doing using a custom tab. With my successful use, my url looks like this:


I noticed yours has

So that tells me your VF page markup has a syntax error, because it is trying to decode a character incorrectly.

According to google, you get the %3F from a ? and %3D from an =. So make sure to change your VF page markup to be this exactly:

<apex:page controller=“skuid.Redirects” action="{!redirect}&page=TaskTab"/>

(change your ?page to &page). I see you tried this once before in your previous thread, but your screenshot above still has the ? in it, instead of &. Maybe your VF tab is pointing to your old version of the VF page?

Hi Chandra - thanks for taking the time to respond.

When I change the ? for &, the page doesn’t work in preview mode.  However, if I click on the  Activities tab, it works!  

And that’s all that matters…

Thanks again!