VF page to show Skuid page in Salesforce mobile

Is it still possible to display Skuid pages in Salesforce Mobile? You can still access them in mobile browsers by navigating to a VF page or to the page preview URL, but I can’t get pages to load in Salesforce Mobile. It allows me to add the VF tab/page, but when I select it in Salesforce mobile it tells me the page doesn’t exist.
However, when I navigate to the VF tab or page directly in a browser, it loads fine, so I am thinking my VF page script is not compatible with Salesforce mobile. Is there a template available for showing a Skuid page on SF Mobile?

Hi @Skuidward_Tentacles, please see the instructions in this Skuid doc. The Skuid page needs to be implemented via one of these two options:


To use a Skuid page within a Salesforce mobile (previously Salesforce1) context, you must create a Lightning Page tab containing your Skuid page.



It is also possible to deploy Skuid pages to Salesforce mobile using a Visualforce tab.

Please confirm that you have followed the steps of one of these options and let us know whether it works for you. Thanks!

Thanks! I’m working with Salesforce support on this. It works perfectly in Sandbox but doesn’t work in production. They have not yet been able to determine a cause. Will keep you posted. Thanks!