VF error: Premature end of XML

Getting this VF error:

Encountered premature end of XML: no more data available - expected end tag to close start tag from line 1, parser stopped on END_TAG seen …</skuidpage… @179:41

An unexpected error has occurred. Your solution provider has been notified. (skuid)

This isn’t by any chance on an extremely large page is it?

It is an extremely large page.

A skuid page can only be so large.  (Page defintiion data is contained in 5 large text fields)  It looks like you’ve exceeded that size limit. You will need to break up the page into mutiple includes - or refactor your functionality so that it falls across severap pages. 

Hmm. Wish I’d had a warning about this.

Really not interested in rebuilding a very large page.

I the limitation the number of lines of XML (I’m at 3622), or the number of characters? I’d assume the latter if you’re storing as text fields?

Here are some other topics explaining this. 


Its number of characters. (160,000)

Ok, thanks. Looks like I’m only at ~131k. But apparently adding a model (with one field!) was enough to put me over the edge.