Version 10 ignores component rendering conditions based on field value

I upgraded to version ten to fix a problem with picklist fields and Salesforce Summer. I forgot to check one of my pages before I upgraded production and, of course, that is the page with issues. I have a complex page with a lot of conditionally rendered components based on the value of a UI only field in a salesforce model. I have buttons/nav components that update the value of the UI only field which triggers the show or hide of the component. 
Unfortunately now, all components are rendering upon page load and they don’t respond to changes in the UI only field.  As there are so many components and as some components are complex page includes, the page load takes forever and is just a jumbled mess of components stretching down the page. 
I tried the new component rendering feature in version 10. It doesn’t work. I love the idea and it is easy to implement, but there is no response to the show, hide, or toggle action being triggered by a button press. Also with this new functionality, I don’t see an option to have the component in hidden status upon page load. I need these components to be hidden until triggered by  button push. 
Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

10 also seems to be ignoring rendering conditions based on URL parameters.

I  noticed that one of my other pages is not demonstrating this issue, so I created a simple test page with conditional rendering based on a UI only field and it seems to work ok. There is something about my page specifically that is causing the issue. 
It is a complex page with a couple dozen conditionally rendered components. Most trigger rendering based on a UI only picklist field. I then use buttons to update the picklist.

The problem is completely different than I thought!
The issue wasn’t that the conditional rendering wasn’t responding to changes in the UI only field. The issue was that since upgrade to 10, the model that the UI only field is in is no longer loading rows. I still have to figure that one out, but I selected “Create new row if model has none” and now the page works as intended (at least that is the way it looks so far). Not sure why the model is not loading the one row it is limited to since upgrading to 10. I will work on that next. 

This is resolved. I deleted the model and recreated it. Everything works now. The best I can tell is that updating to version 10 somehow corrupted the model??? I haven’t see this anywhere else in the org.

Raymond— proud of your for persisting in troubleshooting this, without help from any of us! Way to go, man.

Thanks, Matt! I wish I had the foresight to take a more direct route to the solution. I ended up spending way too much time on the idea that version 10 was causing a rendering issue.