"Value Does Not Exist or Meet Criteria" error

I built a home page widget to give our Sales Reps a list of Opportunities that need their attention.  The criteria is value based (Opps > $50k) and Close Date < TODAY and IsClosed = FALSE.  Clicking on this widget link takes them to the Opportunity tab, where I have created a table that contains their list of Opportunities that meet this criteria.  Well… the whole point of this table is to get them to update their Opportunities.  When they do, like changing a close date to sometime in the future, they get an error when trying to save that is “Value Does Not Exist or Meet Criteria” and they can’t save.  Because they have “fixed” their opportunity to get it off their bad list, they get the error because it no longer matches the OppsToUpdate model conditions.  This is probably something simple, but I am stumped.  Help…

I solved the immediate issue by removing my 1 AND 2 AND (3 OR 4) AND (5 OR 6) condition logic I had.  Once I removed that and made it simple logic, it worked.  So it doesn’t meet my exact business need, but close enough so they can use it.  So, I’d still like to understand if there is a work around for logical conditions.

The “Value Does Not Exist or Meet Criteria” error is probably the result of a Lookup Filter on some Lookup field on your Opportunity object — after your users perform their updates, the Opportunity records are probably failing the Lookup Filter criteria. Check the Lookup fields on your Opportunity object to ensure that when your users’ update criteria is met that the Opportunities will still pass Lookup Filter criteria — or make the Lookup Filters optional / modify them.

FIXED IT!  Just one night of lost sleep, but I got it figured out.  The problem was not on my Opportunity tab page, but on the detail object.  I had a SF lookup filter on a user reference field to look for a certain user “type” (custom field) and that person has changed positions, so no longer is the right type.  So when editing anything on the Opportunity, I got that message.  I finally solved it by looking back at the native SF edit page for the Opportunity, where it hi-lighted the offending filtered field.  Fixed it by removing the SF lookup field filter, and instead put the filter on the Skuid page, where it is much more forgiving of legacy values that we wanted to keep there.  Yay!

And FYI to others, this fix had nothing to do with the problem.  The real problem was a filter, just like Zach said!

Yay! So glad you were able to fix it, Chandra, and sorry about the lost sleep! Thanks for letting us know what was going on.