Validation for UI-only fields

Is there a way to validate ui-only fields on skuid pages? I have a ui - only field that is of type double and whatever number the user inputs, that many records are created upon a button click.

I want to make sure that the input is strictly a number, but at this moment the field allows alphabets as well. I also want to make sure that the number is not greater than 50. As far as the latter is concerned, I thought of creating another boolean formula field that would return true/false based on the value entered and I can render the button based on this field’s value. But I don’t see a function that would tell me if the entered input is a number or not.

I know I can do this using javascript but I was wondering if I can do this without writing any code.


The closest thing to checking if a field has a number is the VAL function.  It returns ‘nothing’ (empty string?) if the field you pass in starts with a letter.  This may not work for all of your use cases.

You may want to create your own formula function (i.e. custom ‘isNumber()’ function).  Then you cna use this ‘declaratively’ on any page you need.  See the documentation here->