V2 - Salesforce - Modals not refreshing after close of 'Show Modal' causing second iteration of same process to fail

Button on page to Show Modal does not refresh when clicking the button a second time

  • API Version: V2
  • Release: Dubai
  • Release version: (
  • Platform: Salesforce

When a user clicks a button on a Skuid Page it shows a modal which runs a Wizard to help fill in a new record, this filters fields based on selected values in that Modal (Specifically a Version Lookup field which is filtered by the previous selection of Product). The first iteration of this process filters and limits the selected versions you can choose based on the Product selected, however the second iteration (regardless of changing the product) leaves the Version field blank and no values are shown to be selected.

If the Main SF page is refreshed before the second iteration - it then treats it as a first iteration and works (This is not a valid workaround as using Omni-Channel then causes open Chats to be closed and started afresh)

The close modal function at the end of the modal has been used and also completely replacing data in all the modals (bar the original passed parameter modal only works on the first iteration not the second.)

Action Performed:
Performing the Same Action straight after a first iteration of that action.

Expected Result:
Version field should be reset and displaying the values like in the first iteration of the Modal

Actual Result:
Blank Version field, as it is mandatory the screen cannot then continue.