V2 JavaScript Snippets throwing Invalid Session ID error when attempting Salesforce interaction

Through use of Alerts I’ve gone through and tested each line of code in a selection of JavaScript snippets, and I’ve discovered without a doubt the line that’s causing trouble. Any time the snippet attempts to connect with the Salesforce server, the following errors are thrown. Note that this issue occurs in V2, but the snippets work fine in V1. I’m assuming some small fix is required but we’re stumped!

Here’s the extended version of the errors:

The lines of code that throw this error are specific. Here are some examples:

Is anyone else having difficulty transferring JavaScript snippets from V1 to V2? Any advice would be appreciated!

Returning to this to see if anyone has any experience with Snippets in V2 that recreate Salesforce buttons. What strategies do you use for this? Does anyone have example code? 

Hey Eugene, this is a bug with V2, Skuid is not passing a Session Id into the sforce.apex.execute() calls. I’ve logged this and we should be able to get this resolved in the next Spark maintenance release, ticket number is CORE-2669 if you want to watch for it on Get the Latest Skuid Releases & Everything That Came Before

Hi Zach, I really appreciate the comment back! Thank you for the heads up. I look forward to the next release and being able to focus once more on rolling V2 out to my team. 

The release is out and the buttons work as of Spark (12.2.12)!!!