V2 Forms Browser Autocomplete

I have a simple form in V2 (Using Boston) to capture basic contact information. The browser tries to auto-fill the fields in the contact form and they fill in, but immediately blank out. Is there a way to either support the browser fill or disable the autocomplete?

Hi John, thanks for bringing this issue to our attention.

  • What browser are you using?
  • This happens in Chrome and I’m not sure what happens in other browsers.

    Hi John, thanks for sharing that information. This is what we’re seeing in Chrome:

    • Autocomplete value sticks for the field you're in, and flashes and blanks out for the other fields in the form.

    We’ll log this issue in our internal tracking system so our devs are aware of it. Thanks again for reporting this!

    Hey @John_Dahlberg ,

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention and you will be pleased to know that this has been fixed in the latest Skuid release: 14.0.6