V2 Display Logic JS Snippet Problem

I am trying to dynamically change button style variants on a table using the buttons display logic tab.

I’d like to run a JS snippet to return true if another model has matching data.

However, v2 doesn’t seem to send any parameters to the JS snippet like v1 does. Or, I just don’t know what they are.

the default JS snippet has the following code which returns the row in v1 but is undefined in v2.

const params = arguments[0];

How can I get the context of the row from the snippet without any parameters? Or what are the keywords?

What kind of data do you want from params?

Also, I believe the latest releases of Skuid contain some data in there regardless of the setup. The snippet on the button that is just out of the box without a model assigned to it:

JS Snippet:

const params = arguments[0];

console.log('consolelog: ', params);

If the button had a model assigned to it, then the snippet would also have that info.