V2 Design System Studio Styling of standard Save and Cancel buttons on Table component

In the V2 DSS, what’s the property that stylizes the Save and Cancel buttons on a Table Component? I can’t figure out how to change those two buttons away from the default variant.

Hi Conlan, thank you for bringing up this issue! Unfortunately, it’s not possible at the moment. Our Product Management is aware of this feature request. As a workaround, maybe you could disable the Table Save&Cancel buttons, and use your own Button Group instead?

Many regards, Luzie & team

Thanks Luzie. Makes sense as a workaround.

Luzie - I actually figured this one out, by changing the Default Button Group’s styling. But I think what is still missing is the option to change the Save/Cancel button’s styling to a different Button Group style variant. It seems like you have to use the default Button Group variant…although I understand this is now getting very nit-picky as a request :slight_smile:

Sounds good, Conlan! :slight_smile: