V2 Calendar Weekly View Default End Time 12:00am Javascript Error

I am debugging a V2 calendar migrated from V1 and finding a javascript error that I have traced to the Default End Time of 12:00am on the weekly view properties.

We are on skuid version 15.1.6 on Salesforce, Winter '23 release.

Error shown on Chrome console:
Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘date’)
at e.computeTimeTop (skuidCalendar.js:2:269384)
at n.handleScrollRequest [as execFunc] (skuidCalendar.js:2:281565)
at e.drain (skuidCalendar.js:2:113754)
at e.update (skuidCalendar.js:2:113596)
at n.componentDidUpdate (skuidCalendar.js:2:282975)
at n. (skuidCalendar.js:2:331663)
at skuidCalendar.js:2:332416
at Array.some ()
at skuidCalendar.js:2:332396
at Array.some ()

Here is XML to replicate:
<skuid__page unsavedchangeswarning=“yes” personalizationmode=“server” showsidebar=“true” showheader=“true”>

<skuid__calendar uniqueid=“sk-3C-f-29211”>



Hi Mike, thanks for bringing this issue to our attention and for the work you did to figure out the cause of the error. I’ve been able to reproduce. When you add a new calendar in v2, the end time defaults to 8pm. If you set the default end time to 12am, then you will get the error you describe.

Sounds like this default end time of 12am got brought in from the v1 page you migrated, correct? As a solution, can you move the default end time to 11:30pm or earlier?

I’ll report this one to the product team.

Thanks, Anna -

Yes, this was a V1 migration. And we are looking at 24/7 activities on the calendar.

I did notice the V1 XML used a value of 24:00* for end time, but the V2 value is 00:00*. I’m wondering what would happen to my V2 page if I changed the XML to 24:00…

  • I’m going from memory in this reply. I don’t recall the actual attribute name for end time, nor the format of the value, but the difference between 24 and 00 is the significant point.

Anna -

An update on testing: If I edit the XML for the page, and change the “endTime” attribute to “24:00:00” (in the tag), the page works as expected. The Composer displays “Default end time” as “24:00:00” but is only editable from the picklist. This does provide an alternate workaround.

I have also found that the Event Title Field in the Event Sources properties throws a javascript error, “Invalid component XML: must have a(n) “eventTitleField” attribute” if the property is left blank. It is documented as required but the Composer does not enforce that requirement. The page functions correctly without a value, and is only noticeable if the source does not have an Event Template. In that case, the event appears on the calendar with no identification. Ostensibly, there could be a use case for this, so maybe the property does not need to be required.

And, since I’ve already overloaded this post, could I also ask if you could point me to documentation that would explain what to expect from a V2 Page Include’s Query String if it “changes” the value of a parameter from what the calling page has? I’m seeing behavior that is different from V1 but cannot find documentation to explain the difference.