V2 Calendar Load Speed

Is there any way to increase V2 calendar load speeds? When scrolling through week view, each page takes a while to load and users are basically abandoning the attempt to move through the calendar weeks/months ahead this way

Hi @Allison, a good starting point would be to verify that you are implementing techniques detailed in the Skuid Page Performance Guide.

Can you additionally provide context about your event source(s) for the calendar data? (Salesforce? Standard or custom objects?)

If you separately create a Skuid table for each data source on a Skuid page without the calendar component, are you also noticing performance issues? I would suggest looking into whether Skuid model configuration may be the core issue, as opposed to specifically a calendar component issue. (Are you imposing reasonable row limits on Basic models?)

What is your current OS/browser setup? (Have you tried testing in a different browser to see if performance improves?)

Also, you mentioned v2 specifically. Did you have the calendars implemented and running as expected in v1, or have you only tested in v2?

Please let us know what you find after looking into these possibilities. Thanks!

Thanks for the details Ryan.

I went through the Performance Guide but didn’t see any major issues.

Event sources (and really entire page setup) is very basic-Salesforce custom objects of Events, Users.

We have tried other browsers and experience the same issue.

We migrated the page from V1 originally and didn’t have the performance issues. In fact, we were able to remove several additional models and have much slower load speeds.

WRT to row limits, we didn’t have any previously (I thought the calendar View element basically took care of this) but it seems like it might be the issue. Is there a “load more” option on the V2 calendar component that could indicate that not all records are shown and the end user needs to load more?

Hey Allison, thanks for checking out Ryan’s suggestions. Can you share more about your calendar setup?

  • How many event sources do you have?
  • How many events are in these objects?
  • Is it possible to reproduce this on a simple page using just standard objects and fields? (Users & Events should be fine). Please attempt a simple test page using these instructions and send along the XML. This will help us be able to investigate the issue more quickly.

I’ll look into the “load more” option on the v2 calendar and let you know what I find.

Is there any update to report on this?
My first Calendar migration to V2 is showing atrocious performance - like 10 seconds to load 4 sources to a one month-page, versus 1 second for the V1 calendar. I’ll be looking at Ryan’s suggestions, but I’m wondering if Allison found anything specific that might be helpful.

No update. No response. Is this why V2 calendars are so slow???