V1 to V2 Conversion?


Is there an end-of-life planned for V1 pages? I See in the documentation that there is a V1 to V2 converter, but it says I can access it from the more options on the page list and I don’t have that as an option (Skuid for Salesforce). I very much don’t look forward to converting all my pages, but I want to make sure I don’t get caught with my pants down if you announce stop of support for V1!


I was looking for the same solution as well. Did you find out any ?

No. The document ion says there is a converter, but the method in instructions isn’t an option for me.

Hey @Skuidward_Tentacles!

As of now, there is no EoL that is being planned for V1 pages, we will probably stop adding features and enhancements and continuously focus on V2 and other future versions.

For the converter, I believe you are referring to the Migration utility(https://docs.skuid.com/latest/v2/en/skuid/api-version/v2-migration-utility/#addressing-migration-tasks)?

I hope this helps


You are correct, that is the documentation that I was talking about. Now, if documentation just reflected real life, I’d be all set ?. The option to migrate pages is not available on the page list as indicated in the documentation. So though you have documentation for a process, the process is not available to the user, unless I am missing something. You are supposed to be able to click the ellipsis on the row of the page that you want to migrate and there is supposed to be an option to migrate to V2, but that option is not available (at least for me).

Maybe I am missing something.

Thanks for your response, the plans for V1 vs. V2 are very helpful to know. Let me know how to enable the V2 converter if you find out.

Hey all, docs person here!

@Germany has pointed to the right docs for this feature, so I’m interested in what could be the issue here.

@Skuidward_Tentacles the first thing to check: The migration utility is a Chicago release feature; it is only available on releases v14.0.4 and newer. If you’re not seeing the utility as listed in the docs, be sure you’ve completed upgrading your Skuid installation to Chicago: https://www.skuid.com/releases

I just did a safety check on my personal dev org, and I’m seeing the feature. Hopefully an upgrade resolves the issue!

You are correct! I needed to upgrade. Thanks!