V1 page doesn't load for community users

Hey all,

We are helping a client upgrade their Skuid installed package and the first step is of course testing in a sandbox. So far lots seems to be working as expected, but we have a reports page with charts and table reports that refuses to load for a user if they are a Community (aka digital experience user)

Any ideas? All we get is this unhelpful error message.

Thanks in advance.

Jeff Rutter

bump! Anyone have any ideas?

Sorry for the radio silence. Community errors are the worst… The message is so unhepful.

This is almost always a permissions problem. Does the user have access to…

  1. Skuid license and permission sets
  2. API
  3. VF page or LX component wrapping the Skuid page
  4. Is Page Object “Public Read Only?”

On and on…

Rob - thanks for the message! Bill McCullough and I at OpenGate here were looking at the issue when you shot this message over…funny timing!

Since we are testing the newest version of Skuid the user has the permission set “Skuid Page Viewer”, but doesn’t have/need) the license since we are in a sandbox.

The profile for the user has API Enabled set to true. (It is worth noting this is the only page not working in the whole solution on the new version of Skuid for us right now)

Page object is public read only - came over this way from a clone of production when we spun up the new SBX for this testing.

There is no VF page or LX component wrapping the page…we are overriding a Visualforce and Tabs community. :slight_smile:

We have lots of models (aggregate and regular objects) on the page. When we remove all the reporting charts, CSS and JS on the page down to just a page header, but leave the models it still won’t load for us so it seems to be something in the model/data the page is returning and not the page UI components here, but no amount of debug logs from Chrome or Salesforce Dev Console is helping here.

We are potentially looking at having to rebuild the page from scratch here unfortunately at this point so if you have any other last-ditch ideas let me know.

Many thanks,

Jeff Rutter | OpenGate Consulting