V1 "Fields" selector on Search Component Return Objects is not selectable


  • API Version: V1
  • Release: Dubai
  • Release version: 15.3.7
  • Platform: Salesforce

Brief Summary of the Defect/Issue:

15.3.7 V1 page, using a Search component, under the Return Objects tab, clicking the button to Select Fields next to Fields does not do anything. It should pull up the ability to work with those fields, currently there’s no way to set up / edit fields unless you do it directly in the XML. It didn’t function like this in earlier SKUID versions.

Action Performed:
Clicking the Select Fields button under “Return Objects” on the Search component’s properties

Expected Result:
Opens up a field selector.

Actual Result:
Nothing Happens

Additional Resources:

Hi Mark, did Skuid ever find a resolution to this? I encountered the same issue.

Hey @danielhchang and @Mark_L (thanks for your patience here). I’ve been able to repro the issue and will log it with our product team. Can you let me know the level of impact?

In the meantime you should be able to specify the return fields directly in the XML - do you have a working page where you can pull this XML from, or would you like me to track that down for you?

I’ve been able to scan some older pages that implement this and copy the XML to be able to get the component working.

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