UX noob

So here’s the deal, I’m like 90% developer and around 10% designer. I often end up designing pages from a database perspective instead of a user perspective. Users often complain about the UX, even though all of the relevant information is technically available on the page. I have recently begun a project to improve the UX of our skuid pages. I have noticed that with the new skuid website, the phrase “UX” appears a lot. Clearly skuid gets the importance of UX. I understand some of the basic differences between UI and UX and I have read a lot of great resources online about this.

I would like to know if there can be some kind of idea sharing/best practice thread for people to share UX ideas that pertain to using skuid. A couple of examples :

  1. When looking at a record detail page, what do users want to see? I often drag in a field editor and throw a bunch of relevant fields in, but maybe there should be some kind of widget at the top with some quick hitting important details. 
  2. When adding a tab set, should it be below the detail field editor, or maybe above, with the details as a “Home” tab? 
  3. When should popups be used? Should new record creation happen in a popup?
  4. When should wizards be used? How many steps are too many?

I know that there is a UX industry out there and you can’t really learn the craft in 5 minutes, I just think that it would be really neat to see some UX friendly combinations of skuid components that have stood the test of time (and users). Anybody want to share any ideas/tips?  

Pat and I have discussed this in the past.  We even thought about rounding up some folks while a Dreamforce and sharing our experiences and a brew - neither happened.

I will share one story:

I built a page heavy on the iconography.  Our Human-factors enigneer (UX dude) hated it.  He fell convulsing to the floor and mumbling about 90’s developer mentality.  So I built an alternative page sans iconography.  Showed both to the client.  Want to guess which one the client chose?

All kidding aside, I bet that we’ll hear and see more about UX in the near future now that Shannon Hale as joined the Skuid family.