using the wizard to create steps (1)add a contact (2)add an accounts

Any good tutorials on using the Wizard to create steps to Add a Contact, then the next step to Add an Account. I’m a bit confused and need help.

Hi Cathy! Here’s a tutorial that should help you get started on a New Contact Wizard and shows how to add related objects to the same page.

For adding a new account in the same wizard

  • I would add a model on the Account object that’s set to not load model data on page load (this is in model properties). 
  • Then, add a condition on your Contact model where Account Id = a field from another model, the Account Id field and make the condition “filterable default off”.  (I’m assuming the account you’re creating is the new Contact’s account, right?)
  • For example, if Step 1 is your Contact info step, and Step 2 is your Account step, click on the “next step” action on step 1 and change it to “run multiple actions” then you can have it create a new row in the Account model and navigate to step 2.
  • Then in Step 2 you can add the account info, and then have the “next” or the “save” button save the account info, activate the Account Id condition on the Contact model and set it to “Id” and then save your Contact model.
Let me know if you run into any issues or need more clarification! Happy Skuidifying!