Using skuid.$C('Home').render() on page load causing pagination to move to the top

I am creating a map using javascript on pageload and need to use this map values in a table, which has custom field renderer on few columns

So created map on page load and i am calling
skuid.$C(‘HomepageMas’).render(); after the map is created, so that the updated values will be displayed by the cutom field renderer on columns.

The values in the columns are displayed properly from my Map, but the pagination is getting disturbed.

The pagination moves from bottom of the page to the top of the page on my table header, after skuid.$C(‘HomepageMas’).render() is called and columns are loaded with correct values.

I alternatively tried using skuid.$M(‘model’).sync() on page load after the map is created,this doesn’t affect the pagination, but it causing another problem as described below.

I have template to select a team in my page, when i change the team, the values in my map get changed so i again call skuid.$M(‘model’).sync()

The below result is observed when i use sync()
When i select a team for
First time : the table renders properly
Second time : the table renders properly
From 3rd time onward’s the table remains blank.

Update to the above query.

I see the pagination moving up after calling
skuid.$C(‘Home’).render() only when scrolling is enabled in my table.

But we need scrolling functionality for our requirement.

Venkata Gada