Using Salesforce DateTime Filter Not Respecting Time Zone.

Looked at some of the other time zone queries but don’t seem to resolve issue I’m having.

We have a DateTime field and have a filter on this. (Tried both auto create and manual, same result). I have 2 records with the values of 2/28/2015 10:00PM populated in these fields and they are showing up as March records in our charts. The model is just straightforward based on the object.

One major problem is that when we set the date filter to 2/1/2015 - 2/28/2015, these 2 records show up and the charts show “March 2015”. That’s unfortunate.

I am logged in as the System Admin who has the NY (EST) time zone for this.
The user record that created this was also in NY (EST) time zone.
The records are shared using SF2SF and both Companies have NY (EST) as default time zone.

Any suggestions?

This looks like a bug.  I’ll investigate this and see if I can find out what is going on.

Ben we hadn’t added the 2 superbank patches to these orgs it if its possible that will take care of it. I just scanned the Release Notes for those, Zach posted they just became available, and didn’t see anything referencing that though.

I granted access to org 00Dj0000001ptqg if someone wanted to see. Because its a chart hard to see exactly what records, but you can tell if you put in a date filter for most any month (i.e ends 12/31/2014 that there will also be a bar for Jan 2015…which is obviously incorrect.

Hi Darrell,

I took a look at your page.  From what I’m seeing, the bug is not with the filter, but with the Chart’s bucketing.  The chart is putting the records into the wrong month.  I actually reproduced this in our dev org and fixed it there.

There should be a fix for this out in our next patch release.

After looking at this more, there looks to be bugs in both the Filter and the Chart.  We should have a fix out soon so you can retest.

This has been fixed in Skuid 6.8.8 available on the Skuid Releases page.