Using row action perform search operation

I having a table wit 2 fields(field1 and field2) with a row action in a table which performs search functionality. In row action i kept redirect url and passed names(which i selected in 2 fields) of both fields into url. 
In redirect url i specified conditions and added Grouping Logic. If 1 field is entered it is working fine in case when i click on row action. But if i enter both fields and click on row action then i am not getting 
actual records with same field values in redirected page. I had written 2 conditions in redirected page and grouping logic ((1 or 2)or (2 or 1)). How can i achieve this in row action.

I think you need to explore the condition properties on the redirect page. There is a property that handles on the URL Paramater condition that describes what happens if no parameter is present. You should “deactivate the condition” in this case.

If your field 1 value is in the URL parameter - condition will fire, if field 2 value is there - its condition will fire. If either is missing they simply won’t attempt to be run and the remaining one will fire alone.