Using model field for custom field label on form i. Deck

Have a form showing fields from a model within a deck. Inhave tried to use a field value as a custom field label using the insert field button. So far we cannot get the value to show. Just comes in blank. Is this a bug or just something we are missing?


This seems like a rendering problem.  I don’t think Skuid rerenders labels as fields change.  Unless your field has a value when the form renders, you won’t see the label.

Take a look at this posting->

I run a snippet to rerender the form after the field that has a value changes to show the change in the field label.



I have a value for the field.  In the attached image I am trying to use a field value as the custom label. No luck though.

the teusday show the standard column and Monday is where I tried to use a field value