Using input masks with v2 components

What is the best way to implement input masks for fields when using V2 components? I am upgrading pages to use V2 components. I have inherited JavaScripts in them that have used input masks to format telephone numbers as they are entered. I need to replicate the masks in V2. Since I don’t have much experience with JavaScript, I am open to any suggestions that are easy to implement.


Hey @dnadrop there’s an example of using JQuery masks for phone numbers in this documentation article: jQuery Mask — Skuid v15.2.6 Documentation

Let us know if you aren’t seeing the option to add a custom field renderer / display method to your fields in v2 - this property might not yet be enabled in your org.

Thank you Anna! Considering my inexperience with JavaScript, I’ll forego this solution. However, you will have helped anyone else who will search for this topic in the future and knows JavaScript.

I managed to implement my mask totally with low code! I created an action that triggers from an update on the phone number field change. The action sequence calls a flow in Salesforce that takes the given phone number and returns a formatted one in an output variable. The action updates the phone number field with the value from the output variable.

It’s not as responsive as a field renderer, but it is more interactive than a formatter that works on save. When the user pauses for more than a second, Skuid triggers the action. It looks good by my standards. I’ll have feedback from the business in the next couple of days.

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