Using Calendar Component Month View with current week as first row?

Is there a way of using a Month View in the Calendar Component such that the current week is the first row? So rather than a calendar month, it’s the current + next 3 weeks?


Currently this is not possible. I will change this to an idea under consideration so the devs can consider it for a future release.


Thanks Karen! Not sure if you’re using a Calendar library, or if you’ve rolled your own. If it’s a library and you’re able to share it’s name, I don’t mind doing some poking around to see if it’s possible via Javascript.

In case anyone else if looking for an interim solution, we’re using FullCalendar JS instead - obviously more effort, but it’s nice-to-use. The key config for the view was the following:

views :{<br>
'iWeek': { type: 'basic', duration: { weeks: 4 } } }, defaultView: 'iWeek', defaultDate: new Date(startDate), fixedWeekCount: false,

Hope that’s useful for someone.