Using an aggregated model in a Table with a Drawer

Hi All,

Is it possible to use an aggregated model in a Table Drawer that uses another aggregate model for Context?

The scenario is that we have opportunities that can be raised against multiple Site accounts so we want to display a summary of the opportunity product quantities and total prices by Site account. It’s easy enough to product the tables but we want to be able to display the result using a drawer so that you see a list of Site Accounts and then if you expend a Site Account drawer it will show you the summarised opportunity data for that Site.

I have attached an image of the closest I can get but if I set the context of the drawer so that it matches on the ‘Site account idr id’ it doesn’t display any results.

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I think I understand what you are trying to do.

so the table would be based AggModel1.

Each aggregation would be a row.

Each row would have a row action. That row action would do three things:

  1. Activate and set condition on AggModel2 that limits the opportunities to just those of the Site Account in context from that row.

  2. query model AggModel2

  3. open a drawer displaying a table on AggModel2

Thanks, this was perfect