Users not assigned to Skuid Page Builder permission set still can access builder through 'edit' butt

It was my impression that if a user was assigned the Skuid Page Viewer premission but not the Skuid Page Builder, they would not see the ‘edit’ button on the right side of their pages, and would not be able to access the builder. That doesn’t seem to be the case. All of our users with skuid licenses can edit pages.

Have I misunderstood, or is this a problem?

Check your users’ Profiles — they could also be granted Edit access to the Skuid Page object via their Profile. The visibility of this button is determined by Edit rights on the Skuid Page object, which can be granted via either Permission Sets assigned to a User, or their Profile.

That was it! Thanks, Zach.

I am having a similar issue. My users can see and edit all Skuid pages regardless of the permission set they hold. I set global sharing on the the “Page” and “Page Assignment” objects to Public Read-Only. I confirmed on the user’s profile that both the “Page” and “Page Assignment” objects only have “Read” access. I am missing something?? Additional information posted here: