Users cannot access Skuid pages in Salesforce community or sites

  1. NA51
  2. Spring '19
  3. 11.0.5
  4. Sites

Two other things affected in na39, Spring '19 Patch 18.4, 12.0.8, for Internal users:

  • can no longer show skuid__Social VF page in an iframe using a template component, comes up blank
  • a tab action that queried ChatterFileLink and ChatterFile redirected an Opportunity View override page to   

Instance Details Version: Spring '19 Patch 18.4
Skuid 12.1.1 Sites 

"Authorization Required 

You must first log in or register before accessing this page. 
If you have forgotten your password, click Forgot Password to reset it. "

  1. NA73
    2. Spring '19 Patch 18.4
    3. 11.1.7
  2. Skuid components in community are not rendered.
  1. NA74
    2. Spring '19 Patch 18.4
  2. 11.1.1
  3. Lightning Community - Customer Service Template - Skuid Page Components. It is showing nothing or giving the “Invalid Page” error. 
  1. NA78
    2. Spring '19 Patch 18.4
  2. Partner and Customer Communities,

1 - NA66
2 - Spring '19 Patch 18.4
3 - 11.2.6
4 -  Partner and Customer Communities,

SF Instance: NA73
SF Patch: Spring '19 Path 18.4
Skuid Version: 11.1.11
Affected: Community

We’re also getting this error when a logged in partner community user is trying to access a skuid page for an account record:

Error: Unable to retrieve value INVALID_TYPE: sObject type ‘PackageBooleanValue’ is not supported.

Spring '19 Patch 18.4

Salesforce instance: NA78
Salesforce patch number: Spring '19 Patch 18.4
Version of Skuid: 11.2.9
What is affected: Sites

1. NA89

2. Spring '19 Patch 18.4

3. 11.2.6

4. Customer Communities

na103 Site
Also cannot access

Khamla - is there any update to this?  We have a number of clients who are not able to operate their business at all as they rely on Communities and Skuid and need some sort of update.  Please advise.

@Khamla,   Any update from the skuid would be much appreciated. We have users desperately waiting for the access to communities.


The issue has been escalated and we are actively working with Salesforce R&D with the highest priority. Other managed packages are currently being affected as well so there is considerable pressure on Salesforce to resolve the issue as soon as possible.
We will continue to update you here as we learn more.

  1. NA72 2. Spring ‘19 3. 12.0.1 4. Partner community sites


Salesforce has published this as a know issue here:
To help expedite a resolution, please mark yourself as affected in this link. Once we can confirm it is resolved, we will provide another update. 

Spring 19
Partner Community