Users are not able to access SKUID pages

Since last month, our users and contacts are not able to access SKUID pages that they have been accessing for the last 4 years.
Our SKUID pages are linked to Salesforce custom object using sites and there is a uid for each Contact. When the users click on their unique link (uid), they are shown an error message “Authorization Required”. This never used to happen until 2 months back.
Can someone please help us as we have a big campaign coming up soon and we need to have this up & running.
We have already tried to configure security settings as per SKUID documentation but it did not help.

You are impacted by the Salesforce Guest User access and permission changes that have been completely enforced with Spring 21.

Check out a few community posts about the matter. You can start with this one:

Please know that Salesforce has removed the ability for guest users to edit records completely. So if your contacts had any ability to edit records using the UID link - this will have been removed by Salesforce. Skuid has no way of restoring that access. You will need to address that with Salesforce.

Look at that link above, and explore some other posts about Guest User access.

Thanks Rob. We have already tried our luck by referencing difference resources & articles dealing on Guest User settings & permissions. But unfortunately we haven’t succeeded yet.

Keep digging. That’s where your problems are. And Salesforce has changed a bunch of things, and taken away a bunch of options you previously had.

Yes, with every release, Salesforce adds & removes features. I’ve raised a case with Salesforce already. Thanks for your help in this matter.

@abhikher were you able to resolve your issue?

Hi @Germany3 , the issue still exists. I got in touch with the Salesforce technical team and they have already tried the ways around sharing rules but it did not work. We also upgraded the SKUID package but no luck so far.
Salesforce technical agents asked if the SKUID technical team can pitch in and help to configure settings in order to make this work and it is a managed package and they have limited knowledge on this package.

Thanks for sharing @abhikher ! I will look into this on my end and will get back to you ASAP.