User Specific Button/Link Overrides

We’re trying to override the Account / Company / and Opportunities Tab & View Details. We have all the visualforce pages create, are using the Skuid Page Assignments, and have gotten the overrides to work after making necessary changes in Buttons & Links

The problem is that making the changes in buttons & links overrides it for every user, and right now not every user has SKUID permissions so those users no longer have access to the pages standard.

Is there a way we can override those pages specific to the Page Assignments?

Two suggestions.  
1. Create page assignments that grant Skuid pages to defined profiles or users, and then use standard layouts for the org defaults.
2. Review the security of the visualforce page you have created to ensure that all profiles that will use the object have access to it.  They need to see the VF wrapper page even if they are not going to use Skuid pages. 

Had the standard layouts all set, forgot to change securities for the VF pages! 

Also, for anyone that may be referencing this make sure to change the content source in Buttons, Links, and Actions for each section (Opportunities, Accounts, Opportunities in this instance)