User Object Custom Field Edit Access?

Pat, your point near the end about everything working once a User gets the “Manage Users” Permission is the key here — Skuid prevents Users from modifying other users’ user records unless they’ve got the Manage Users permission. You can edit (most) fields on your own User record as much as you want, but you can’t edit any fields on other users’ records, unless you’ve got this permission, because this is the Permission that Salesforce uses to grant record-level Create / Edit permissions on the User object.

Now, one improvement that we (Skuid) need to make is stepping this down to the “Manage Internal Users” Permission, which was introduced a couple of Salesforce releases ago — Pat you are right, a User shouldn’t need to have the full “Manage Users”, they just need at a bare minimum the “Manage Internal Users” Permission, which gives access to Create and Edit internal users. Unfortunately Salesforce doesn’t make it any more granular than this — it would be nice to have separate Permissions for “Edit Internal Users” and “Create Internal Users”, that way for your situation you could assign people JUST the “Edit Internal Users” Permission, and then lock it down to just the Time Status field that certain Profiles would be able to edit on other users’ records.

We’ll make the change to “Manage Internal Users” in an upcoming patch release.

ETA on the patch release.

A couple of weeks at the earliest.

Did the patch ever happen?
It seems users still cannot edit other user records, internal or not without the Manage Users permission. Please advise.