User Menu Text color & Content

I have 2 questions on the Salesforce User menu, that I want to use in our community.

I can’t seem to figure out how to change the ‘name’ text color. I guess it is set to white, and because we have a white header bar, I can’t see my name. My background is also transparent, so when the user menu drops down over the page, I can’t see the menu text anymore.

Also, can I control what shows up in this user menu? Ideally, my community members would see only their name, and the Log Out link. We may add more later.

The ability to customize the content of the user menu would be nice.

Chandra, if all you want is a logout link, you could just build your own custom navigation drop down to do that… assuming there’s some url that you can redirect to which causes a logout?

Hey Chandra, you can change the text color (and background color) via the Header properties in the theme builder under Navigation. 

Unfortunately, that user menu is just autopopulated from the options available in the Salesforce user menu (the options you see under your name in the standard Salesforce ui - I don’t think there’s a way to change this in Salesforce setup?) So for now, I second Matt’s suggestion about building your own nav dropdown.