User locale and opportunity product line updtae

One of my sales rep has user locale equals “spanish” in
When he tries to update unit price on oppty product line item he receives error message : " field integrity exception : Total Price (total price must be specified)".
At the moment I cannot explain why but when I change his locale from Spanish to French or English United States or English United Kingdom then he is able to update oppty product line unit price for the same opportunity.
Locale German seems not to be working as well. When I change same user locale from Spanish to German, he has the same error message as above.
Would you be able to assist ? 

Hi Cyril~

What version of Skuid are you using? This issue should have been resolved by Rockaway Point Release - Iteration 6. Please upgrade to that version or a more recent one at If you continue to have this problem after upgrading, please update this post!