User License Control System

Hi all, very new Skuid-er here.

In our org, each department is responsible for its own licenses, and we have a custom picklist on the User object that indicates which department a user belongs to.

There is a custom object, Department, which has a field on it containing the number of licenses the department owns. I have successfully built a Department detail page which has a UserAggregate model to sum up the number of active users where the department picklist is set to the same value as the name of the Department record being accessed, and used a UI field to pull it into the same table.

However, what I really need is a List page to do the same thing, i.e. a table like this :-

Department Name Licenses Active Users HR 10 8 Sales 15 14

Apologies if this seems like a really basic query, but I’ve tried everything I can think of and I just can’t get it to work!


This may help:

It did indeed, brilliant, thank you!

Skuid is awesome - I could never have achieved that without needing a Dev to write a trigger for me.