User Detail Page?

How can I publish a Skuid user detail page? Usually I will override a view button, but there is no view button to my knowledge for users? 

I need to do this in our community since the rest of the community has a custom header. 

How do you want users to access the user detail page?  You could just enter the User Detail Page URL in a button or nav item.  

Sorry didn’t explain very well. They access the user page when clicking the user name throughout the system. This could be an account owner, created by field, in chatter, etc.

But right now when they click any of those it goes to a standard salesforce page. How can I publish a Skuid page instead? Since I cannot override a user view button. Unless I am missing that…

Okay, yes, that is more complicated. I’m not sure if Salesforce currently allows that. A hacky workaround is use a template component instead of the username field. Bring in the username in triple braces (this will bring in just the username, without the link) and add your own link via html:

<a href="...//skuid__ui?page=myuserpage">{{{Username}}}</a> 

Will this workfor all/some of these situations?

Thanks. This will work for most situations in the community.

The only place it won’t work is in the chatter feed. I don’t even care about the user page, my concern is just that some users will find their way there, lose the custom header & navigation, and be confused. But I will work around it.