User can't see Skuid Page

We have a Skuid page on a community. It works for user A.

It doesn’t work for User B. User B has the same profile and the same permission sets.

Any ideas?

Debugging tips:

  1. If you open the browser’s developer console - are there any error messages?
  2. Is UserB using any browser plugins that would block javascript execution? If they try on a different Browser do they get different results?
  3. Is UserB in a different time zone or locale than UserA? Is thier system time zone different than what is defined on the user record in Salesforce? (Sholdn’t affect things, but we’ve seen problems here in the past)
  4. What version of Skuid are you using?
  1. I don’t know how to do this; I’m not a developer.
  2. As an admin, if I login as User A, the skuid page works. If I login as User B, it doesn’t work.
  3. They are in the same time zone.
  4. 15.0.11

Thank you.

I was able to fix this issue based on instructions I received from Salesforce for a DIFFERENT access issue.
Here was the fix:
Go to the user record in question.
Scroll down to “Managed Packages”.
Click “Assign Licenses”
-Add Skuid

Not sure why this just came up (user was created in 2020), but this fixed it.
THank you!