UseActiveAssignmentRule doesn't appear to be working

I’m trying to use the DML UseActiveAssignmentRule feature on a lead, but not having any luck. I set it to true (using a “Update field on row(s)” in a multiple action) and the save the model (in a second step in the actions), and the assignment rules do not appear to work.

If I simply edit the same lead in the native SFDC page setting “Assign using active assignment rule” it reassigns perfectly.

Prior to saving the model, I’ve looked at it and I see the value under Changed correctly.  I’ve also changed other values on the model, and those save correctly even though the assignment rule doesn’t appear to run.

Anybody else have that feature working?  Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong?


- Chris

Still stuck on this one … any ideas?  

Sorry to keep bring this to the top, but I really need a way to reassign lead owner via assignment rules.  I take it nobody on the forum is using this feature?  Can someone from Skuidify help?

Feeling back about the delay here Chris.  Not sure I’m feeling better about the answer.  Skuid exposes lead assignment rules as fields in the Lead Model,  but these assignment rules are only evaluated on record creation.  They are not evaluated on record edit. 


Not great news.  I know the API works that way - so I take it Skuid doesn’t apply those DML options on an update?  Any plans to do so, or do I need to find some alternate way to make this happen? 

Here the use case… one of our business development reps (BDR) call upon a lead.  They find the lead isn’t in their territory or vertical, so they adjust the record (we have a “Reassign” button for this) to reflect what they learn.  We then want the lead ownership to follow the assignment rules so the correct rep receives it.

If Skuid DML isn’t going to support it, then I guess I need to do some trickery with APEX like when I see some checkbox get set on the object to do a second DML against that object to cause the rules to run.  Unless you have any other suggestions?


For anyone interested in this problem, I was able to implement an APEX trigger as a workaround.  The concept was fairly simple… I added a new checkbox field on lead called something like “UseActiveAssignmentRule__c”.  In Skuid I set it to true, and then in a Lead trigger I look for the value.  Then in the APEX after-trigger, I call a future method that then runs the DML (and resets the the checkbox) to do the assignment.  You have to do an after trigger, because you need an ID of the Lead in order to execute a future (and you don’t get ID until after on insert), and you have to use a future because the DML for assignment can’t be run on an after event!  If anybody wants some code fragments for this, I’m glad to help … though my code is more involved since it integrates with a ton of other stuff.

Thanks for sharing the solution Chris. Appreciate your generosity.