Use UI-only field in a Snippet

I’d like to use a UI-only field in a snippet.  How can I get the current value?  I’ve tried this (where ‘CoverageNurse’ is the Field ID of the Ui-Only field)

var params = arguments[0];
var $ = skuid.$;
var models =;
var newTeamMembers = models.NewCoverageTeam;

{ field: ‘MemberId’, value: newTeamMembers.CoverageNurse }

Assuming that your newTeamMembers model only has 1 row in it and that’s the row you’re interested in pulling the value of your NewCoverageTeam Ui-Only field off of, you could do this:

{ field: ‘MemberId’, value: newTeamMembers.getFieldValue(newTeamMembers.getFirstRow(),“CoverageNurse”) }

That works perfectly - thank you!