use text field from rows to filter


would there be a way to filter a table based on a text fields (preferably unique) on it’s rows


Table below, i want to use account name as filter, to be able to see 1 or more “group” (example only Accounts with name1)

The Account names, will be different from 1 record to another


Dave,  Check out the filter cheat sheet tutorial here:…

Look for use case #6:  Filter based on a String field.   I think it will lay out the steps you need to follow. 

Thank you Rob, that worked for me after I realized we cannot use formula fields…(which is the field i wanted to use)

But I guess as a workaround, I can use a Salesforce Workflow to copy that formula field content to a text field and use that field instead

But Just for info, If i wanted the filter to be multi-select would there be a way?


Hey Dave, unfortunately right now multi-select filters only work on the following field types:  reference, picklist, and multipicklist. (basically any of the fields that are availalble when you select Multi-select as the filter type).

 We hope to add more capabilities soon so that users can create their own multi-select filters based on their own criteria.

Ok ty for info  Anna :slight_smile:

You’re welcome