Use running user's time zone for created date/time on records

Can anyone direct me on how to do this? I have a flow running which needs to find records that are created today but it’s failing as Skuid is creating records with a created date of yesterday

Time zone issues are the worst. I don’t think Skuid is going to be able to control the created date value for a record. Its going to depend mostly on the users setting.

There is an additional question of whether time based flows triggering will take time zone into account? Or if there is a way to configure that in the flow?

Or maybe something else is going on here. Any further difference in set up you can share?

It’s an autolaunched flow, I’m the running user on both the Skuid process and the flow. The flow creates records with a created date which correctly say they were created today, but Skuid is using GMT so both the date and the time are wrong. It can’t be a user setting or I’d be having the same issue with the flow records too