Use mulit-select picklist field in look up filter!!

Hello, In my Skuid Page i am using Lookup filters for one of lookup field.In this i was doing filter based on the multi-select picklist field. Now when i am using that field in operator it is showing ‘include’,I tried to use it,but it is showing all contact when i select include.If i select ‘=’ operator it is working fine only if i select only that value. So can any one give me any solution on how to use multi-select picklist field in lookup filter as there can be more then one value we can select in that field and it should show that contact record in the lookup. Please help me with this. Thanks. Arpit

Hi Arpit, Looks like there is a bug with using “Single specified value” Lookup Filters with Includes operator — however it works if you use “Multiple specified values” condition instead:

Thanks Zach. It worked!!! :slight_smile: